Virtual reality finally makes its way to NetEnt!

British Casinos News Virtual reality finally makes its way to NetEnt!
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Virtual reality finally makes its way to NetEnt!

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If you’ve been keeping up with the trends you’ll know that Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing to hit your screens if it hasn’t already with thousands of homes up and down the UK already having the gear set up in their home. And while our neighbours on the continent have been able to experience the joys of a virtual reality casino for around a year or so now we haven’t been quite so lucky – that is until now as NetEnt has finally announced their plans to develop the first-ever Virtual Reality Slot and it will be making its way to online casinos all across the UK as early as this year!

The pilot slot that NetEnt has chosen to adapt to Virtual Reality is Gonzo’s Quest which isn’t too surprising as it’s one of NetEnt’s most popular titles and one people will quickly be drawn to however it will only be the first in a long line of virtual reality titles to be released from the company. The sad news is we’ll probably be looking at closer to the end of the year before we see the final product however production is underway already so there’s one thing we can definitely be sure of – the future is coming and it’s not as far away as we think!

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