Playtech are releasing a brand new DC Slot!

British Casinos News Playtech are releasing a brand new DC Slot!
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Playtech are releasing a brand new DC Slot!

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When we think Playtech most of our minds will probably sway towards thinking about their Marvel series of games which have really taken the industry by storm due to the much loved characters that are often on our TV screens and the incredible jackpots that accompany them! Well if you’re a fan of these superhero slots then we’ve got some great news for you – Playtech are releasing yet another to the masses except this time it’s coming from the DC universe whose universe consists of the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Suicide Squad!

The crazy thing about this announcement from Playtech however is not the fact they’re releasing a brand new slot for players – it’s the fact they’re releasing 6 and they’ll all be coming out over the course of the next year! The characters who these slots will be based around has also been announced here and you can look forward to seeing 3 more Batman Slots, a Justice League Slot, a Suicide Squad Slot, and to round things out nicely there’s also gonna be a Batman vs Superman Slot to check out as well!

And in typical fashion the DC Universe will once again be going head to head against the Marvel Universe as these games are going to form their own DC Universe Heroes Progressive Jackpot which many think will surpass the jackpots that the Marvel games are producing which would be quite the feat! You won’t have to be waiting too long for the first of these 6 games to be released as Playtech are only building on what they started in 2016 when they signed a deal with DC content licenser Warner Bros so there’s even more reason for you to be excited!

If you can’t wait that long then there’s still plenty of top DC and Superhero games out there from Playtech already but if you’re wanting to wait for nothing but the latest and greatest we’re afraid it will still be at least a few weeks yet!

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